Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Geoffrey Cann: Prefers Gashole

By Lou Saboter

I usually find Twitter really boring, but once in a while you run into a guy like Geoffrey Cann, who is helping corporations take over third world nations and imposing corporate hegemony on them that entails usurping all their resources, depopulation, and the poisoning of groundwater. Of course, thanks to the insanity of the globalist system, he is happily adjusted to these circumstances and even brags glibly about how evil he is. Below are a few snippets of our conversation on Twitter. Here's his blog.

There's a BBC documentary that captures this personality type well called Psychopath.  The characteristics are callous, shallow, glib, charming, lacking empathy, grandiose, among others.

Oh yeah, here's what frackers did to Australia.

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