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Who Ran the Drill at Marysville Pilchuck?

By Lou Saboter (developing story, check for updates)

(warning: this is a research-intensive article that may continue to grow as it's opened many interesting avenues of inquiry, please check back again)

Apparently, a SWAT training, involving the same Marysville Police Department, had been scheduled at the high school either right before or the day of the Jaylen Fryberg shooting event.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin started to report the SWAT training (it seemed the information was sent to her and then she was ordered to change the subject).

An outfit called Security Solutions International (SSI) had the Marysville Police department listed as one of its clients, according to an internet image from a scrubbed page. The word after Marysville Police Department, Mason, indicates Mason County, Washington or Mason County, Ohio (which has a Marysville in it). However, the Mason (as is shown if you click the "full client list") is connected only because it comes after Marysville alphabetically. So, it could very well be that Marysville of Snohomish County, Washington is the client, and SSI does SWAT training (re-engineered to be counterterrorism training, and perhaps more).

The "Full Client List" is cached here.

Locals here in Lee County, Florida may be interested to know that these entities also had members who received SSI training:

Lee County EMS
Lee County Sheriff's Office
Lee County Vocational Tech High School

However, I haven't verified if it is our Lee County specified. There is a Lee County in Georgia, for instance. Also note, this is not to say that acts of covert violence are planned at these facilities. I am merely noting connections, not predicting or claiming to know the full scope or purposes of the operations indicated.

 The American face of SSI is based in Miami, at 13155 SW 134th St. st. 103, 33916 in America. It may be connected with another based in Spain.They seem to perform some of the same functions. Their main website is here.

Since one of their services is the training of first responders, it's quite likely they are well-versed in carrying out simulations and employing crisis actors. Their website notes: "From SWAT/ Explosives mitigation to Sniper and from Building Safety to Responding to Incidents of Mass Casualties, all our training programs are the result of lessons learned in the field. That’s why SSI™ is considered the expert source for your training needs."

Security Solutions Internation is headed by Henry Morgenstern and Solomon Bradman. Here is a video with Morgenstern.

 According to the Institute for Policy Studies, SSI is funded by the Department of Homeland Security and brings trainees to Israel. They also point out that Bradman wrote in 2006 that SWAT teams should be converted to counterterrorist (CT) squads.

Also of interest is Homeland Security Network, the information source for first responders, which is tied in with SSI, by their website's admission.

SSI's connection with the Department of Homeland Security brings us to a document which illustrates that the area where Marysville Pilchuck is is called Homeland Security Region 1.

You will note that Snohomish County, where we find Marysville, reports to the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management (a piece of FEMA). The DHS is officially considered a parent agency of FEMA, although some hold it is the other way around. The need for emergency management assistance teams (EMAT) and Incident Management Teams (IMT) were spelled out by John E Pennington, current director. These are part of a statewide network for emergency responses. A directive (ESF-20) calls for ESF-20 Defense Support to Civilian Authorities (DCSA) which directive is elsewhere titled Military Support for Civilian Authorities.

Another element of Pennington's report which may interest conspiracy theorists (or "event skeptics as they increasingly prefer to be labelled) is: 7) We faced the attention and scrutiny of the media and the onslaught of public information demands. CNN, Al Jazeera, POTUS, Social Media needs.
i. You can best understand the heightened media component of your incident when you feel your safest and most effective national interview is to Al Jazeera and not to traditional outlets including CNN and FOX News.
ii. We faced the dire need to control the tempo, tone and tenor of social media as much as was practicable.

Le wow.

A blogger reported that John E. Pennington and a band of conspirators may have already done some tampering with online conversations in regards to Anne Block, AND that there is a SECRET director of Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management!!

Le whut?

OK, let's recap--Who Ran the Drill at Marysville Pilchuck?

Don't worry, it gets better!

FEMA's website gives a display of Marysville related activities.

Oh, and guess who has a criminal record? Not the guy directed to run the Snohomish County Department of Emergy Management!? He was appointed by County Executive Aaron Reardon in 2006. 

It is possible there were actual victims at this event, in which case some employees of the school might have been plants. If Fryberg was a brainwashing victim, Megan Silberberger could have been there to make sure he died on the scene, or to extract him. She was a new teacher, who has been lauded as a hero(ine), but has been very reticent thus far. Some reports indicated she had shot Jaylen Fryberg, while others indicated he shot himself in the process of wrestling with her. This is her soccer profile page.

A witness, student Erick Cervantes said she grabbed his arm and Fryberg shot himself in the neck. However, the witness seemed uncertain about what they actually saw.

Or maybe the announcement of a SWAT training drill that was then scrubbed from the internet is a big coincidence. In which case, hurray for the Bilderberg Group which is funding the gun control ballot item, I-594.

Interestingly, Rawstory ran a piece attempting to discredit the SWAT training leak, claiming that you could find a full page explaining what really happened, but offering no link to such page, so just trust them. Here is where the link in question was.

People who look for repeating crisis actors noted the resemblance of one upset girl at the scene to a girl at other scenes of school shootings

Interestingly or not, there is a graduate of the Marysville Pilchuck High School, Kyle Kruse, who is now an independent operator working with many covert operations, from the looks of it. Here is his profile. Interestingly, he wrote: " My work history has brought me across the world from, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Europe, and many States such as Louisiana during hurricane Katrina and others."

He did work with Blackwater USA, implicated as an army of the night by one source.

One interesting link is that Kyle Kruse also attended American Military University which is recommended by none other than John E Pennington of Snohomish Department of Emergency Management mentioned above.

Oh my, the coincidences are flying thick in here. Get me the bat broom.

Kyle Kruse cites Tk Smith as a great leader. One of Smith's specialties is "Worldwide law enforcement."

Plus, TK Smith is good at Microsoft Office.

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