Monday, October 27, 2014

Satanist Attacks Ten Commandments Monument at Oklahoma State Capitol


A self-proclaimed Satanist claimed that he was informed by the dark lord to attack the 10 Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol. This means the monument lasted two years, after responses to it ranged from ACLU claiming it was a violation of separation of church and state, and a Satanist group of the Satanic Temple demanded equal opportunity and wanted to erect their own monument. 

Lucien Greaves, of The Satanic Temple, says her group raised $20,000 to have this statue commissioned by an unknown artist. But, predictably, it was rejected by the Oklahoma legislature.  

Another Satanic group had planned a Black Mass in response, which lead to issues with the Governor when she mixed up Satanists.

Soon enough, on August 15th, it was announced a movie about the Baphomet statue was in the works.

After the incident, an ACLU spokesperson for Oklahoma said he was outraged over the incident. 

"While we have and continue to seek the removal of the Ten Commandments monument from the Capitol grounds through the judicial process, the Ten Commandments constitute a strong foundation in our clients’ deeply held religious beliefs. To see the Ten Commandments desecrated by vandals is highly offensive to them as people of faith. Our Oklahoma and Federal Constitutions seek to create a society in which people of all faiths and those of no faith at all can coexist as equals without fear of repressions from the government or their neighbors. Whether it is politicians using religion as a political tool or vandals desecrating religious symbols, neither are living up to the full promise of our founding documents.” –  Ryan Kiesel, ACLU of Oklahoma Executive Director.

The accused Satanist apparently admitted to the monumental assault after "rambling," and insulting Obama. Apparently, he urinated on the monument first, before running into it with his car. He was deemed mentally suspect and placed in the care of a facility.He had abandoned the car at the scene, and had to drive up a ramp of the capitol's steps to smash the Christian marker.

State representative Mike Ritze, whose family spent $10,000 to have the statue erected, has sworn to replace it.

According to an early report, the perp is bipolar and has been off his medication. 

The Satanic Temple, for their part, issued this statement:

 “The Satanic Temple was appalled to learn of the act of destructive vandalism laid upon the 10 Commandments monument in Oklahoma today. As many are aware, we are seeking to have a Satanic monument erected alongside the 10 Commandments — and only alongside the 10 Commandments. We do not want our monument to stand alone. If our monument stands at the state Capitol, we want it to compliment and contrast the 10 Commandments, with both standing unmolested as a testament to American religious freedom and tolerance. We hope that by respecting religious liberty in allowing our monument to be displayed, Oklahoma will help ameliorate any animosity between differing perspectives, not cultivate them.” -- Lucien Greaves

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