Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is ATF Executive Order Preparation for Medical Martial Law and Gun Seizures?

It may be going in that direction
By Tom Stoppard

A recent executive order frees up the ATF from regulations requiring competitive examinations for personnel who are seeking "appointment to certain positions in the Federal civil service." 

What are these "certain positions"? Is the public going to be privy to said information?

The Executive Order goes on to state: The Director of the Office of Personnel Management shall prescribe such regulations as may be necessary to implement this order. 

According to a former federal employee, the order will serve to swell the ranks, which have been depleted for some time.

This comes in the shadow of possible medical martial law depending on the extent of the ebola or superbug pandemics should they become problematic for Americans.

Is this intended to bring in unsupervised personnel who can override the constitution and begin seizing guns in the United States? The ATF has a history of ignoring the law in ascertaining who owns weapons.  The ATF stormed a gun store in San Diego despite a restraining order in order to get the customer list. 

What do they plan to do with it?

Here is a list of weapon seizures posted by the ATF on October 11, 2014.  

There are also accusations of other rogue actions by the agency, such as possible distributing of weapons to Mexican gangs. The documents pertaining to this have yet to be released to public view, but some believe Eric Holder's resignation is related to this controversy, in which a judge ordered the release of the documents to congress.

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