Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIY Cell Phone Jammer, Other Beam Weapon Creations

By Lou Saboter

(disclaimer: just for entertainment purposes)

Back in June, the FCC charged a record fine against a Chinese maker of cell phone jammers. Unlike in many other instances of record fines against an industry, such as the fine against BP for manslaughter charges, C.T.S. Technology Co. Ltd of Shenzhen, China, probably won't be invited to immediately go about business as usual afterward. This is because, clearly, cell phone jamming is a much greater danger to the public than the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was.

A poster shows that the FCC is against cell phone signal jamming ever in any situation, including on the private property of an individual, or inside a public institution. The FCC poster explains: Use of jamming devices can place you or other people in danger. For
instance, jammers can prevent 9-1-1 and other emergency calls from getting through or interfere with
law enforcement communications (ambulance, fire, police, etc).

Also, if you say something against the government, they can't hear it, and we can't have that. Where it says etc above, that means CIA, FBI, NSA, by the way.

Telecom tyranny must be defended at all costs.

This webpage shows how a cell phone jammer can be made.

Other items which help with signal jamming are negative ion generators, ELF scramblers(20,000 Hz to 1/3 of a Hertz), emp jammers, and Faraday cages using ceramic, Teflon, rubber, mu-metal and other materials. 

This link shows how to make an EMP.

According to a source, sleeping on boxsprings increases your irradiation.

And tinfoil hats just turn your head into an antenna.  
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