Saturday, September 13, 2014

War: A Great Opportunity for the 1 Percent

It's odd going to war with a non-state when they've already stripped all of our rights away. What kind of prize could they be after this time? The 1 percent have beaten the sheeple into shape quite well. Now, it seems that the old tactics are backfiring on the mainstream media.

And remember, you can be legally lied to.

After 9/11 they instituted the Department of Homeland Security and put the middle class under permanent siege. The shakedowns never end. Irradiation is endless, whether before boarding, via cell phones, or from smart meters. Fracking was deregulated, allowing the quiet poisoning of groundwater. The police have been militarized, and rarely face penalties for murdering civilians, which they even film, and then teargas the public if they complain. Welcome to the land of the free, and what are you free to if not being an appendage of the interests of the 1 Percent.

Now, make-believe Al Qaeda isn't good enough? We need make-believe ISIS (ISIL)? Wikileaks documents reveal a Syrian connection.

What's the next phase of plan destroy the lower classes of the United States?

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