Thursday, September 11, 2014

Baphomet Enters Isis

Isolation desolation on the grimy plate
of the Moon an image of an angry face,
cleanse me of this place, the oddness
is everywhere electronic despair,
eyes of Baphomet line the highways
and they're counting off your days,
Hail Isis, the ring opens forever,
the sound of marching reminds me
of the pulsing of never, this force
that entered into the tissue
of the brain it's evil eternal
unbeatable and insane, strings
of lies fall a ticker tape parade,
a body shape descending on
the bed where he was made,
lanterns carried by floating petals,
the glint of sunlight on heavy metals,
she said oppression and she was right
no one else would admit the sight,
details of tragedy made to order
the back and forth, then the slaughter.
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