Saturday, August 30, 2014

SPLC Condemns Kerry for Using the "G" Word, ADL Remains Silent about Recent Reptoid Remarks

Are U N? Ha!
Are U N? Ha!
By Swami Pajami
John "I Tased You Bro" Kerry has started with the "genocide" word, invoking strong condemnations of hate speech from the non-front SPLC, whereas the ADL has remained silent even after David Icke suggested all Jews are reptoids that secrete mind-controlling chemicals through their skin.
In an unrelated story, a dumpster full of dead Arab boys was discovered behind B'nai B'rith International with tooth marks matching John McCain's.
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Obama beat war drums, marching around the White House until 2 a.m. at which point Michelle Obama insisted he be seized and force medicated so she could inject estrogen in peace.
"Does this classify as torture, Mitch?" Obama mysteriously shouted at Michelle before the propofol took effect.
A threat arose against Obama, helping to raise his credibility, but then, sleep.
Meanwhile, Kerry played the bad cop, indicating that ISIS (ISIL) is truly awful, killing far less people in Iraq than we did but in a pertinently genocidal manner, and therefore we need to help out immediately, but not because of any globalist agenda.
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