Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Police or Foreign Army? Ferguson


By Lou Saboter

As American society continues to melt down, it's amazing that people are still engaging in conversations that seem like something out of the 80s.  A story in Yahoo! asks if the police can "really do that." Of course, the answer is hot dog, yes! The new elements of 1033 militarization of the police, coordination of the police with the intelligence community and with the military-industrial complex, and the increasingly multinational corporate control of the state are ignored. The commentary in response to this article indicates either a massively brainwashed, dumbed down population, or a big government PSYOP.
Alex Jones actually posted a story complaining that riots have been "stoked" by media, outsiders, and militants. Damn. Excuse us for resisting the globalists you've been freaking out about for decades now. Of course, Jones' credibility tanks when you look at the details of his reporting in which he often spices stories up with random lurid details or engages in flights of fantasy right before selling some survivalist gear. However, he did do lots of good research on organizations that shadow actual conspiracy groups. But this is available generally, and the inner workings of the Inner Circle remain unaddressed. This has prompted many to conclude that Alex Jones himself is part of a controlled opposition operation. Also, Jones often plays the middle and lower classes against each other while making it seem like the elitists are responsible for this. And when it comes to the abuses of Big Oil, he is mute, if not complicit.
That digression aside, what should the real conversation be about when it comes to Ferguson? The militarization of the police was accelerated around the time of Occupy Wall Street "riots". Of course, I have never heard of a single act of violence committed by OWS members that I confirmed. There were lots of reports of rape, some of which may have occurred, but it is important to remember that feminism has long been a tool of the establishment. did a great piece about the use of Amnesty International and other NGOs to conflate imperialism with equal rights.
That just about explains why liberals fell for Obama.
Meanwhile, multinational corporations are receiving unprecedented special treatment under Pres. Obama, a man who basically adds facial expressions to a teleprompter. And in a country where the majority of the population believes President Kennedy was the victim of a government conspiracy, and where MLK is an admitted victim of a government conspiracy, it's odd that anyone could be dumb enough to think that the issue here is that we're not tough enough on young, big, black men.
Hilariously, racists are still promoting this idea, while a black President arms those racists to the teeth,  and liberals congratulate Obama on his contributions to equal rights.
The question no longer is should police be allowed to use strong arm tactics, but the question is, instead, are these even police? They look like an invading army.
Perhaps that's because they are. More or less.
At the beginning of the Ferguson troubles, a branch of Anonymous released info about Tim Fitch getting training overseas.
timothy fitch
The entire town of Ferguson is peopled with terrorists--Who knew? Actually, Fitch resigned, citing ethical concerns that perhaps stemmed from this training. He also seemed concerned with other instances of local corruption, perhaps lending him clout.
Speaking of training, what sort of training is informing these police actions? Whoever is giving these cops and guardsmen orders is playing an ugly, retarded game. Basic gun safety is being ignored. These guys are tired, maybe underfed, and have been giving orders to practice aggression. They're looking for an excuse. A line has been drawn in the sand. If it is crossed, and American citizens get mowed down, we've gone to another level.
They're training police chiefs overseas now. Next they will bring in foreign police chiefs, and pepper the force with IDF.
The normalizing of multinational corporate control is very much in progress and being massaged here.

Is the public actually buying it? Is an army protecting multinational corporate interests disguised as police, still serving some public duties, getting digested into the framework of normalcy?
As in New Orleans, the public is being demonized, while the cop in question here is being repeatedly excused via media reports. The 5 corporations that run most of the media in America, which can be easily called state run under the current system which is both state and corporate simultaneously, are playing the Hegelian controlled opposition game perfectly. It's about liberals versus conservatives, never about elite power versus the public.
The Order must be pleased.

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