Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hooligan Fort Myers

Haughtily selling out in the carbon dusk
in a rucksack comedy of collected detritus
refurbished as solider truths fitted
for the gratuitous pleasures of the broken mind
diverted to purchases in the besotted strip malls
on the heaving intestine waste of 41,
this is a mild review of  vast talent,
the cockle dawn of revisited tragedy
fire and broken windows
7-Eleven signs melted in the gasoline blaze
howling Islam Cadillac sprout metallic arms
bashing transgender Lexus ovaries,
like dandelion seeds the paperwork
of Bank of America debouched from the collapsed smoking rubble,
these thought weapons are not for killing but to maim and disfigure,
how we miss our suddenly diverted hurricane
that unleashed so much reality the national guard
was called in to quell any surfacing instincts
among the shredded trailer collages
from the genius of infinite drinks.

--Lou Saboter
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